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LLADRO(リヤドロ) #08743 GOD APOLLO

型番 01008743
定価 324,900円(内税)
販売価格 249,900円(内税)
LLADRO(リヤドロ) #08743 GOD APOLLO
Issue Year: 2013
Sculptor: Salvador Deb?n
Size: 27x55 cm

Venus and Apollo are two new versions of pieces from the Lladr? historic catalogue that transform these gods from the Roman pantheon into pieces that fit in with any interior style. The use of a more sober palette of colors, especially blue and grey, which, reinforces their godlike status and gives them an additional elegance and sophistication. Lladr? presents Apollo as a graceful handsome youth. He is known as the god of light, truth and prophecy, archery, medicine and healing, music, poetry and the arts, among others.


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