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LLADRO(リヤドロ) Festive Squirrel III Lladro

型番 01008165
定価 36,400円(内税)
販売価格 28,000円(内税)
LLADRO(リヤドロ) Festive Squirrel III Lladro
  • Series:?Open Edition
  • Family:?Glazed Porcelain
  • Size:?4 "
  • Cancel year: ?2008

?Part of a group of three simple squirrels in different attitudes, each one carrying a different element in its claws: a pine cone, a ball and a bunch of leaves. There is a certain element of fantasy in these squirrels, since they are decorated in white to give them a Christmassy feel. The tails are ornamented with winter motifs, like stars and flowers, and each one in a different color toer variety. They are essentially decorative pieces, good for decorating a table at Christmas, for example.

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